Dear participants and exhibitors of this year’s PRORA,

We would like to thank you very much for your participation in PRORA, it was an informative, exciting and very fruitful event. We are already looking forward to seeing you again, at the latest at the next PRORA conference on November 28th and 29th, 2024. Please make a note of the date.

Under the following link you will find the abstract book for all lectures and posters.


Posterabstract Nr. 20

Main Topics

Methods and Measurement Procedures

  • Method-Combination Analytics
  • New approaches in the use of X-ray analysis under industrial conditions
  • Electronics and software for applications in research and industry
  • Software for evaluating the measurement data and spectra in the hard (>5keV) and soft (30 eV – 5 keV) X-ray range
  • Challenge in qualitative and quantitative analysis of light elements and new materials and their sample handling
  • X-ray microanalysis of light elements and M and L lines of heavier elements
  • Time-resolved X-ray spectroscopic methods and special X-ray grating spectrometers

Poster exhibition 2022
in the BAM premises

Component in industry and science

State of the art and recent developments for

  • X-ray optics (capillary optics, gratings, multilayers, reflection zone plates)
  • X-ray sources and detectors (e.g. pixelated detectors)
  • Vacuum technology (vacuum materials, design of innovative components (e.g. vacuum feedthrough, actuators, sensors, etc.))

Helmut-Fischer Poster Award 2022

Awarded by Dr. Christian Wuttke (Director of Reasearch Development Helmut-Fischer GmbH, Sindelfingen) to M.Sc. Karina Bzheumikhova (PTB)

Applications in industry and science
  • Process analytics for recycling processes (e.g. lithium ion batteries), in food processing, in environmental monitoring and thickness measurement
  • Distributed systems (microservices) and AI (deep learning, machine learning, neural networks)
  • X-ray examinations (tomography, microscopy)
  • Method interlinking (UV/VIS, IR, X-ray, LIBS) in the monitoring and control of technological processes

Evening event 2022

in the premises of the Speisemanufaktur                in the ZPV